How to Enrol

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All learners can now enrol on-line

We recommend using Google Chrome to register and complete your enrolments.

You will need to set up an Online enrolment account if you have not already – this will enable you to enrol and apply for courses online. You will need an email address to set up an Online account – if you do not have an email account and are not sure how to do this please click on this link for guidance

If you have been an employee of Croydon Council for more than 3 months you may be eligible for a discount on some courses. Click here for more information.

You will only have to register once.  Please note your login details and password for future use.


If you experience any difficulties with the process please click on this link that will take you to our ‘Contact Us’ page.  

To secure a place on a course, you need to pay at time of enrolment.

We accept payment by credit/debit card.

Payment Methods

  • credit/debit card – You can enrol online.
  • standing order– Standing Order payments will be on hold for the time being until we are able to safely arrange for learners to come onsite to process bank mandate forms.  To schedule an appointment to set up a Standing Order please use the contact form here and select ‘standing order appointment’ from the drop down list, we will then get in touch when our centres are open and arrange a time for you to come in.

Please note that all CALAT Centres will be closed on public holidays

Payment by monthly standing order from your bank account

Please email to book an appointment to come into one of our CALAT centres to pay by Standing Order if your course fee meets the criteria below.  Please state in your email if you would prefer to go to CALAT Thornton Heath or CALAT Central Croydon. Appointments will be available from Monday 14th September

However, if you are not able to come in person to a centre, we may be able to offer you the option of paying termly by Croydon Council Invoice in a limited number of instalments.  Please contact a CALAT enrolment centre to discuss this option if your course runs for 6 weeks or more and costs over £120

  • Enrolment to be made in person only. A bank mandate instructing your bank to make monthly payments to Croydon Council must be completed at
    time of enrolment.
  • Only available for courses running for six weeks or more with a total fee above £120.
  • A fee of £10 will be added to your fee when using this facility (this is not included in the £120 total fee)
  • An initial payment of 35% must be made at time of enrolment and you must pay the remainder by monthly standing order payments starting 30 days after your enrolment date. Dates are fixed and cannot be changed.
  • If you withdraw from the course, you will still be liable to pay all the course fees.
  • You can pay for your CALAT course by Standing order if your course is for 6 weeks or longer and the fees you pay are more than £120.00.
  • You will need to enrol in person at a CALAT centre and bring proof of your address and details of your UK bank account.
  • When you enrol on a CALAT course and ask for a standing order arrangements, you will pay a 35% course deposit and agree to make full payment of the rest of the fees by standing order payments from your bank account. You will complete a standing order bank mandate form which is your instruction to your bank to make monthly payments to Croydon Council for CALAT course fees. The form is also a signed agreement to pay all the fees even if you leave the course.
  • A £10 admin charge will be added to your fees.
  • If you withdraw from the course, you will still be expected to pay the total course fee.
  • When you fill in the standing order bank mandate form you must provide the following:
  • Proof of your home address – utility, phone or credit card bill, not older than three months
  • Details of your UK bank account – sort code, account number and full bank address including postcode.
  • If your fees are to be paid by someone else – we will need the bank account holder’s full name, proof of address and full contact details. This person must come with you to complete and sign the bank mandate form when you enrol.
  • The form will be used to raise a Croydon Council invoice for CALAT course fees and will be posted to your bank so that they can arrange to make your monthly payments to Croydon Council. CALAT will not be able to ‘take’ any payments from your bank account, your signed bank mandate form instructs your bank to send the payments to Croydon Council on the agreed dates.
  • The dates and amounts of your payments are worked out by our enrolment system and can’t be changed. The payments will start one month after the date you enrol and finish before the end of your course.
  • CALAT will keep a copy of the form until your payments start, after which it will be destroyed. Your bank details will not be recorded or kept by CALAT or Croydon Council. This is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • You will be sent a letter telling you the total fees due and details of when the payments are due and how much they are. Please keep this letter until all your fees have been paid.
  • You will also be sent a Croydon Council invoice asking for payment of CALAT course fees but remember you will have already arranged to pay this to Croydon Council in instalments as detailed above. Please keep this invoice until all your fees have been paid.
  • If you decide to pay the invoice that is sent to you instead of paying by instalments, you can do this by following the instructions on the back of the invoice BUT you must urgently contact your bank to cancel your standing order arrangement otherwise you will overpay the fees. CALAT cannot do this for you.
  • Once you have signed a standing order bank mandate form CALAT is unable to change your instruction or contact your bank for any reason as they will only speak to you as the bank account holder.
  • Before your payments are due to start, please check with your bank that they have received your standing order bank mandate form and that your standing order payment arrangement to Croydon Council has been set up by your bank.  If your bank have not arranged this for any reason, you will need to speak to them to set up your standing order payments using the information provided in the letter and invoice that will be sent to you. CALAT cannot do this for you.
  • CALAT is part of Croydon Council and your monthly standing order payments must be made to Croydon Council, not CALAT.
  • You will receive automatic reminder letters from Croydon Council asking for payment if any of your payments are not received or received late from your bank. If this happens, please make the missing payment immediately to Croydon Council as shown on the back of the invoice you received. If you believe you have already paid, please contact to discuss this.
  • If we don’t receive all your payments on time you may contacted by Croydon Councils’ debt recovery team and you will not be able to have a standing order arrangement for any other CALAT course. We may also exclude you, or the person you are paying fees for, from current and future CALAT courses.
  • It is your responsibility to check that your bank stops your standing order payments on the correct date when all payments have been made to Croydon Council. CALAT is not responsible for any overpayments your bank makes for your fees and is unable to contact your bank for any reason if mistakes are made with your payments.
  • All payments that you or your bank make to Croydon Council must quote your personal reference number which will be shown on the letter we send you and also on the Croydon Council invoice.

Proof of identity

When you enrol you must provide the following:

  • Proof of address – utility, phone or credit card bill, not older than three months.
  • UK bank account details – sort code, account number and full bank address including postcode.
  • If standing order is to be paid by someone else – bank account holder’s full name, proof of address and full contact details.

Additional conditions

  • If you withdraw from the course, you will still be liable to pay the total course fee.
  • Payment is required at time of enrolment. Submission and acceptance of an enrolment form does not guarantee you a place on the course of your choice.
  • Please consider carefully before you enrol.  See our Refunds and transfer policy.
  • We reserve the right of refusal to enrol any learner who has a current debt with CALAT.
  • Any information received by CALAT is treated with sensitivity.  We will only share it, with your permission, with staff who need to know. This is to ensure that we offer you the right support. View our data protection information. For certain courses you may need to speak to an adviser before enrolling.
  • Please contact any CALAT Centre for further information.

Details of any special assessment or enrolment arrangements can be found against the course listing on the CALAT website.