Help with fees

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Did you know that you may be able to get financial help with your course and childcare costs while you study with CALAT?

  • If you are on low income you may be eligible to apply for the Learner Support Fund (Access Fund).  The fund could help pay towards the cost of course tuition fees, examination fees, course materials and child care. If you qualify, you will be able to have 90% of your course and exam fee deducted at the time of enrolment.

Click here for more information on the LSF Access and Childcare fund and to complete an application form.

Funding for Level 3 courses

Level 3 courses can be funded in one of the following ways:

  • If you are 19-23 and have no previous Level 3 qualifications you will be entitled to free tuition, which includes exam and relevant materials costs.
  • If you are 19-23 and do have a full Level 3 qualification you can apply for an Advanced Learning Loan to fund the cost of certain courses.
  • If you are aged 24 years or over you can apply for an Advanced Learning Loan to fund the costs of certain courses.
  • If you are aged 19-23 and do have a full Level 3 qualification or 24 years or over you can pay the full published fee yourself.
  • For details of eligible courses please use the CONTACT US form or ask at your Centre office. 

Advanced Learning Loans

These are available for anyone aged 19 or over wishing to study for a Level 3 Certificate or Diploma or above (please note Level 3 Awards cannot be funded in this way).This means that learners do not have to pay the course fee upfront. Repayments for the loan will only start once the adult is earning over £25,725 per year. The amount paid back each year is dependent on the wage earned over this amount and not how much the course costs.

Loans are funded from the Student Loan Company and are not means tested or subject to credit checks. The loan is available irrespective of the learner’s current employment status. The application form is simple and can be done online. For more information see

The Advanced Learning Loans are for anyone who:

  • is resident in the UK
  • has not previously had a loan to do the same type and level of qualification.

The loan amount you will need to borrow will be for the cost of delivering the course in line with government guidance related to each individual qualification. Therefore different qualifications at Level 3 may cost differing amounts. CALAT courses that are affected include: Childcare, Health & Social Care and Schools Workforce.

If your course is funded through a loan and you withdraw before the completion of the course, CALAT reserves the right to charge you for the difference between the full fee and the payment that has been received against the loan.

Please be aware that the fees we charge for the courses which are eligible for the Advanced Learning Loans are in line with the funding rate. However, other providers may offer different options to fund a similar course.