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CALAT is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all learners and staff, therefore delivery methods* of courses will be using blended learning techniques complying with government guidelines for social distancing in relation to Covid 19.

This may mean that your course content could be totally online or a combination of both classroom and online delivery. Initial assessments and enrolments will also be online or processed over the telephone using an online payment app. 

*It is important to note, with such a fast moving situation, any delivery may be subject to change and updated in accordance with government guidelines in relation to Covid 19.

Information for those enrolling on an online course for the Autumn term:

Our Language courses are available to enrol on for the Autumn term in the normal way.

Courses in the Autumn term will be delivered online using Zoom

  • You will need to download and install Zoom before your class;
  • Please check your audio and video settings in Zoom before the class (click here for a how to video)
  • Your teacher will send you an email with a link to a Zoom lesson
  • You will be shown the main features of Zoom that you will need to follow and participate to a lesson online.

For more information contact:

CALAT Languages Enquiry form (not for ESOL enquiries) 

Speaking another language will open up your world and extend your horizons as well as enhancing your job prospects.

We run beginners’ courses in French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish with courses at higher levels in all of these except Japanese.

For a pre-course assessment, email the Languages department at languages1@ or call 020 8726 6000, extension 88120 or extension 50154. This is particularly important if you are new to learning a language with CALAT but are not a complete beginner.


In years 1 to 3 our French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish courses are accredited by ABC Awards.

There are no formal written exams. You will work towards the Entry Level 3 Award, Level 1 Award and Level 2 Award in Speaking & Listening and Reading & Writing skills in your chosen language as appropriate.

Accreditation involves the compilation of a small portfolio of assignments as part of normal classroom activities and assessments undertaken by your teacher, which are then moderated by ABC. These may include a short recorded speaking assessment. All the costs of registration, assessment and certification are included in the course fee. It is expected that all students will take part in the accreditation process as a natural component of the class.

* Accreditation information is correct at today’s date but may be subject to changes due to alterations in our funding allocation.


Our Level 1 British Sign Language (BSL) courses (accredited by Signature) will help develop your signing skills and aid interaction with the deaf community. No previous qualifications or experience are needed however you do need to have a good standard of spoken and written English.


With a wide variety of experienced and qualified teachers, most of whom are native speakers, we are able to offer tailor-made language classes for your business and employment needs. Please call 020 8726 6000 ext. 88120 or 50154 or email to discuss the possibilities for your company to embrace the opportunities of a wider world.

Our course levels are as follows:

For those who have never learned the language before or who have very limited knowledge.
For those who have completed one of our Beginners courses and have done one term of study.
For those who have studied the language for 1-2 years and can cope in first contact situations.
For those who have studied the language for 2-3 years and can cope in an informal social situation including making references to the past.
For those who have studied the language for 3-4 years.  You might already have a GCSE which you want to refresh.
For those who have obtained a good grade at GCSE and/or are able to hold a general conversation in the language using a range of tenses.
For those who have studied the language for at least 5 years and are able to converse well with a native speaker.
For those who have studied the language for at least 5 years who are able to converse confidently and fluently with a native speaker.

The levels outlined above should be used a general guide. If you have travelled extensively and immersed yourself in a country or countries where the language is spoken then you need to contact us (see below) to correctly ascertain your correct level as you may be able to join a class at a higher level even though your formal study is limited.

For a more detailed pre-course assessment use the contact from here and select the language course enquiry from the drop down or call 020 8726 6000, extension 88120 or extension 50154 or email us at

This in-depth assessment is particularly important if you are new to learning a language with CALAT but are not a complete beginner. Complete beginners and current CALAT learners can enrol directly online.