Examination Information

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Examination Entry

Learners enrolled on an accredited course are expected to undertake an exam or assessment.  Please ensure you enrol on your course using the name you wish to see on your certificate, as the name given at enrolment will be registered with the awarding bodies for certificates.

A fee will be charged by the Exam Board for issuing replacement certificates.

Learners with outstanding debts will not be allowed to enrol on any further courses.


Exam fees are mandatory and payable at enrolment.  Examination/Assessment fees are set by the relevant board.  No discounts can be offered on exam fees.

CALAT Examination Appeals

For details on examination policies and appeals procedure please enquire at any CALAT Centre.

Special Arrangements

Learners who need special consideration for examinations must provide evidence to support their request. This should be given to the tutor at the start of the course. This evidence will be kept confidential.