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GCSE Maths

About the course

This is a GCSE level course.

There are two options for when to take the course:

  • a 2-part course starting in autumn
  • a fast track course starting in spring

Autumn term: 2 part course

The first part of this course will run for 12 weeks during the autumn term (September to December). During this time, we expect excellent attendance, good punctuality, and regular submission of homework.

You will have an in-class assessment in week 12 and this will help us to determine whether you have understood the topics covered and if you are ready to progress to part 2. The result will also help us to select learners for the foundation or higher examination.

Your suitability for this course will be discussed with you at one of our July, August, or September information sessions.

Spring term: fast track course

This is an intensive course and the pace of learning will be very quick. Consequently, this course will not be the right choice for some students. Your suitability for the course will be discussed with you at one of our November or December information sessions.

Course content

The course will cover a range of topics under six main themes:

  • number
  • algebra
  • ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • geometry and measures
  • probability
  • statistics

You will also learn to develop skills needed for the workplace, Further Education and Higher Education.

The course provides thorough preparation for the exam with built-in individual support and guidance.

Costs and funding

The GCSE course is completely free to learners, apart from:

  • under 19s
  • overseas students

There is no exam fee.

You may be able to get funding to cover some of the cost of equipment. You will need to apply for this once you have been offered a place on the course.

To find out more, see:

How to apply

You will need to complete an online initial assessment to check your current skills. The assessment lasts for up to 3 hours. Please contact calatenglish& to register for the assessment.

ID will be required.

We look forward to welcoming you at CALAT and helping you achieve your goals.