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Creative Arts Summer Show 2021

Welcome to our online Summer Show for 2021!

This show marks the end of what can only be described as an unprecedented academic year, delivering Creative Arts classes mainly online and one in which CALAT’s inspirational learners have gone above and beyond to create amazing work in an extraordinary time.

Our brilliant tutors have risen to and exceeded the challenge of online delivery in subjects ranging from Dressmaking to Accredited Photography, Painting and Drawing and the study of Art, they have been incredibly supportive and encouraging with their learners and have helped them to achieve their potential at each step of their journey.

Mark Huggett – Creative Arts Manager

For the best experience we recommend viewing each gallery on a PC or laptop and through Google Chrome. If you are viewing this on a mobile phone, the gallery links may be at the bottom of the page and each gallery will open in a new window.

The Creative Arts team

Mark Huggett - Creative Arts Manager, Painting and Drawing and Art History Tutor

This year we have been on virtual trips to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Met in New York, and The Hermitage in St Petersburg. We’ve covered working in variety of Media, including Oils, Ink and acrylic across a wide range of subjects.

The importance of seeing and making Art has been so incredible. It has been uplifting, and inspiring and so very important to all aspects of our lives.

My learners have not only been an inspiration to each other but I too have been so thrilled with their dedication and enthusiasm and their achievements are here for you to see.

I’m so very proud of all the Learners and Tutors and their work, I hope you enjoy the show.

Philip Bedford
Philip Bedford - Photography and Digital Tutor

This year’s cohort of Level 1 and Level 2 photography learners are some of the most resilient and determined individuals I have worked with. Both courses struggled with various lockdown measures throughout the academic year, with the Level 1 students in particular doing incredibly well to learn the first two terms entirely online.

The level of creativity this year has been outstanding, with many learners opting for still life projects during lockdown and taking landscape photographs when they were allowed back out again after 12th April. The standard of work this year is very high, and many learners have created beautiful photographs and portfolios they should be really, really proud of.

Mania Row - Painting and drawing, Art Appreciation Tutor

Initially it was hard working with technology that I, nor many of my students knew anything about prior to March 2020, so I found myself in the odd position of teaching technology as well as Art Appreciation or Painting and Drawing! Using a web-cam was an absolute game changer and was brilliant to show what I was doing with my hands, it really helped me to successfully deliver 18 months of teaching on line with my CALAT learners.

My class for next term is full so I have not lost any of my wonderful learners and this Virtual Gallery is an opportunity to share with you what we have achieved – so much progress has been made and I am so looking forward to seeing my learners again face to face in September 2021!

Anne Cooper - Dressmaking Tutor

Although we are very pleased to be back in the classroom, we have had a very successful year teaching online. The students have enjoyed meeting every week to discuss projects and gain advice on individual tasks, this has been really important for personal well-being and to boost morale. Learners have also enjoyed the many videos that I have made to support tasks which they can pause, rewind and keep for future use. We are all really looking forward to next year, being in class and working together again.

We really hope you have enjoyed viewing all the amazing work created by our learners, if you’d like to leave a comment please use the space below: