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Starting from September 23

French / Italian / Portuguese / Spanish

Our Courses

Starting this September, we’ve got an exciting selection of Language courses to choose from:


Comprehensive French courses for beginners to advanced learners. Develop strong language foundations, enhancing your communication skills, and explore cultural nuances.


Italian courses from beginner to advanced. Cultivate your linguistic and cultural appreciation through an engaging curriculum, unlocking Italy's beauty and rich heritage along the way.


Portuguese courses for novice to advanced levels. Immerse yourself in the passion and vibrancy of Portuguese-speaking cultures through a fun and comprehensive learning curriculum.


Dynamic Spanish courses catering to beginners and advanced learners. Build solid language skills, communicate effectively, and delve into the rich cultural insights of this beautiful country.

About Us

At CALAT we love to broaden horizons, and what better way to do that than through learning another language? Join us and learn from our friendly, expert instructors in a welcoming and fun class atmosphere. From the fundamental basics to fluent eloquence, we will help you build your language proficiency and passion through tailored, hands-on guidance. We have courses available for all levels and abilities so there is no excuse not to start your great adventure today!

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