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Photography / Photoshop / WordPress

Our Courses

Starting this September, we’ve got an exciting selection of Digital Creative Arts courses to choose from:

NCFE Photography Level 1

Ideal for beginners, this course imparts essential camera skills, composition techniques, and basic editing knowledge, fostering a strong foundation for creative photography exploration.

NCFE Photography Level 2

Elevate skills with advanced camera techniques, lighting methods, creative composition, and refined editing, empowering participants for professional-level photography across diverse styles.


A 10 day course ideal for novices where you'll gain comprehensive Photoshop skills in navigation, image manipulation, and graphic design, igniting creativity and digital expertise.


Swiftly grasp website creation essentials in a focused workshop; or go deep over 5 weeks gaining comprehensive WordPress knowledge, building and managing functional websites confidently.

About Us

At CALAT we are all about creativity and this September we want you to join us to experience the passion we have as we take you on your creative digital arts journey. Our friendly and knowledgeable tutors will deliver a comprehensive and detailed programme as you uncover your artistic potential, acquiring skills and confidence through professional, hands-on guidance. Join the CALAT Creative Arts family and let us unlock your creativity and help you master the digital arts!

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