CALAT Croydon Adult Learning and Training

Autism Awareness Week with Independent Living

Here’s how autism affects some of our Independent Living learners:

Chris Martin

Chris Martin

I am autistic. Sometimes I find it difficult to remember my appointments and what I am doing each day. I carry my diary with me and ask my tutors and people who support me to write in my appointments and activities and sign to show what I am doing each day.

Colin Maguire

Colin Maguire

I am autistic. I have Asperger's. I like simple instructions, one at a time, made very clear.

Our dance class decided to do a 30 minute danceathon performing the moves they have being doing in their dance class to keep fit and healthy to raise awareness and funds for autism by providing a link to the NAS website where people could donate to the National Autistic Society at

Deviyani planted Delphiniums in the gardening class as part of their promoting awareness of autism.  They chose blue flowers because of blues association with autism acceptance.

CALAT staff made sure to wear blue to celebrate National Autism Week.

The rambling class light it up blue on their ramble to Banstead Woods as part of their pledge to wear blue to promote awareness and acceptance of autism. Blue represents calmness and is associated with acceptance in an otherwise loud and busy world for people on the Spectrum

After a very long two years without having a real audience to perform in front of, the Independent Living learners were a little nervous about performing a concert for Autism Awareness Week but, as you’ll see, did a brilliant job of keeping the audience entertained!