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OCR in Administration Levels 1 & 2

19th February 2019|Comments Off on OCR in Administration Levels 1 & 2

Starting on 23rd April 2019 at our Strand House centre both these courses are designed to give you the edge you need if you are looking for work or simply want to hone your existing [...]

British Sign Language

13th February 2019|Comments Off on British Sign Language

Starting on the 26th February at our Strand House centre, this 5 week course is a brilliant way to start learning British Sign Language. Like any language, BSL has vocabulary and grammar both of which [...]

Jobs at CALAT

6th February 2019|Comments Off on Jobs at CALAT

CALAT are currently recruiting for a variety of positions.  Come and work with us and share our passion for delivering the best in Adult Education. Learner Support Assistants – 6 core hours a week with [...]

Teaching Assistants Briefing Sessions

30th January 2019|Comments Off on Teaching Assistants Briefing Sessions

CALAT will be holding regular information sessions for those of you who are thinking about starting a career as a teaching assistant. Hosted by highly experienced staff from a variety of educational backgrounds, these sessions [...]

Our Awarding Bodies

24th January 2019|Comments Off on Our Awarding Bodies

CALAT is proud to work with a wide range of awarding bodies to ensure the courses we offer and your learning outcomes from those courses are of the highest standard. The awarding bodies we use [...]

Careers Advice at CALAT

19th December 2018|Comments Off on Careers Advice at CALAT

Childminding briefing sessions

3rd December 2018|Comments Off on Childminding briefing sessions

CALAT will be holding regular briefing sessions for those of you who are thinking about starting a career as a childminder. Hosted by highly experienced Early Years staff these sessions will enable you to discuss [...]

Is Adult Education for me?

24th September 2018|Comments Off on Is Adult Education for me?

Returning to education as an adult can be a daunting but amazing and life changing experience. Over the years people have enrolled with CALAT for all sorts of reasons but, why ever they are here, [...]

A portait of success!

8th March 2018|Comments Off on A portait of success!

Check out our Arts & Crafts courses here and enrol today!

Flying the flag for CALAT

1st February 2018|Comments Off on Flying the flag for CALAT

Now there is no reason not to know where our centre is located in New Addington. Located along the length of Central Parade 13 banners now point the way to a place where you can [...]

CALAT’s amazing tutors

19th January 2018|Comments Off on CALAT’s amazing tutors

CALAT's Arts & Crafts department is not only full to the brim of fantastic learners but we have our fair share of amazing tutors ready to take you on an amazing journey of self discovery [...]